First, before introducing myself, I'd like to roll out the red carpet and say welcome to my site, and please feel free to share, comment, ask questions and come back and visit often!

Back to business at hand, who is Julie Beachum, and how did you arrive here?

Some background information on me ... I started online marketing with an emphasis on personal branding by blogging and SEO. What is SEO, it is search engine optimization. This is what search engines use to assist with finding information/answers online; this may be how you arrived on my site.

As a business owner either online or a store front location a website has become a necessity and part of the norm. As a business owner, do you have a website? This is not only to sell your products/services but to create your brand.

Does the idea of residual/multiple incomes, working from home, and time freedom sound enticing? If so, it's important to create your brand/website, audience and following to share opportunities that may be beneficial to visitors.

There were some items I wanted and realized they weren't necessarily an option working for someone's else:

If this sounds like something you've contemplated, allow me to assist with achieving your goals. As part of your time freedom, allow us to build your online site to your specifications so you can begin creating your business.

My goal is to help you fulfill your dream(s) and to bring to fruition items on your vision board sooner rather than later.

As mentioned earlier by creating and developing my brand, this positions me to be able to create multiple residual streams of income.

If you'd like additional information or have questions, please feel free to reach out.
To our continued successes in this journey called life ...

See you all soon...